Alex Toussaint
Here's what keeps me busy at night:


I've co-founded Kaktana, a SaaS to create crypto trading bots with no programming knowledge.
It led me to build custom trading bots for wealthy individuals.


Ballfinder (school project) a robotic arm controlled by the wearer's arm moves + computer vision. When the wearer closes his hand (detected by ECG), the robotic arm tries to find a ball and to catch it using computer vision. The robotic arm is a toy. We had to enslave it with an arduino and H-drives.
Explanation of the computer vision pipeline in this twitter thread (french but with lots of pics).

AI 😲

I've built wargames, a game where two AIs compete with each other and advance with a genetic algorithm. (Python)


pyWireframeRenderer, a complete 3D pipeline with only Numpy and Pygame (2D graphics).

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Wave-Sim a 2D interference simulation to understand phased array beams (the technique used for fighter jet radars) (C++)
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Things that fly

I've built numerous model planes, and my own quadcopter (stabilization code in C++ included) from scratch when I was 14.

On summer 2018, friends and I launched a high-altitude balloon during a summer camp. We designed the hardware onboard and a control mechanism to trigger a 360° camera.

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The white floating blobs are parts of the balloon that blew up at the edge of space.

Check out some 360° photos here.

+ many other things

I invite you to check out my github.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email [email protected].